BASRAH BUILD EXPO, BASRAH TRADE EXPO and BASRAH FOOD EXPO are the gateway between Middle East and Europe for the business world. With an approximate 75.000 targeted trade visitors and 600 booths during the 4 days shows, exhibitors will have the great opportunity and enforce all marketing strategies for the construction, General Trade and Food  industry once again.

BASRAHEXPO 2011, the International Trade Exhibition for Construction Technology, Building Materials and Equipment, General Trade Fair and Food Fair  will cover the sectors reconstruction projects, all kinds of trade metarials, machines,  tools also for food, agriculture  in Basrah  region and all over Iraq. It will be the one of the most comprehensive show for  Iraq reconstruction, trade and food  event ever held in Iraq due to last year success. The show is organized by Atilim Fairs.

BASRAHEXPO 2011 will offer exhibitors an exceptional opportunity to meet buyers and decision makers from all over Iraq  and Middle East once again. Participants will enjoy direct access to Basrah region and central Iraqi government officials and contractors involved hands-on with trade  projects throughout Iraq. Material supply and technical cooperation contracts worth millions of dollars will be signed as it was so in BasrahExpo 2010.

Previous Exhibitions


In 2010 at first Basrah Build Expo was held on 26-29th April 2010 and afterwards Basrah Trade Expo and Basrah Food Expo were held together on 24-27th May 2010. The first international exhibitions of Basrah welcomed 150 companies from 14 different countries and provided huge platform for international business patnerships. During the fair time, around 1,2 billion $ trading volume emerged. The visitor number reached to 30.000 which also included Basrah Governer, local administrators, investment commision, municipality members.

Basrah Gulf is one of the† important† and strategic† place† of the world. Together with the 2.8 million population, Basrah is the main gate† and trade center of Iraq to the outside world. In Iraq, it is the major transportation nexus and the primary port which is located on the Shatt Al-Arab River and close to the Persian Gulf.† The main port of Iraq, Al-Barah has an international airport and is connected by rail with Baghdad and the countries of Iran and Kuwait. It is the terminal point for oil pipelines, and petroleum refining is a major industry. Oceangoing oil tankers reach Al-Barah by means of the Rok‚ Channel. Petroleum products, grains, and dates are the chief exports.

Basrah is the largest city in the Southern Iraq, thus it is the gateway† for† the international companies, it is the excellent† time† to be in the population of 25 million and in the great trade circulation.

Since march 2009 Turkish Commercial Counsellor and General Consulate has started to take office in Basrah. According to the information from Turkish Commercial Counselor:

Iraq , with great† trade potential, is the second† export market† for Turkey in recent year.† It is expected that total trade volume would reach 20bilion USD.

  • Turkish businessmen has just focused on north part in 30million population of Iraq , besides, with the population of 25million, Basrah Region, keeping in mind potential trade capacity and increasing income rate has been serving more opportunity to the traders.
  • Today's 60 billion USD petrol income is going to reach 250 billion USD and that income† would be used in the market.
  • Especially construction,† confection and food industry is the key sectors of the region.
  • Security conditions were† fixed compared to† the past and Basrah region has enjoyed its strategic conditions advantages more than the other regions of Iraq.† Also Turkey has more advantages than the other countries because of its neighborhood.
  • It is needed† 100 billion USD investment† for rebuild of Iraq, there is so many inadequacy in† infrastructure, sewage, drain, water-drinking water systems, hospital, and road equipments. There will be great demand for these materials.

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